Historic Hempstead Plains - Nassau County, Long Island

Camp Mills - 1917 - 1920.

Camp Mills Base Commanders1 - I/P


1917-Sept. 2, Brig. Gen. Robert A. Brown;2

Sept. 5, Maj. Gen. William A. Mann; 2

Oct. 19, Brig. Gen. Michael J. Lenihan ; 2

Oct. 29, Brig. Gen. Robert A. Brown ; 2

Nov. 15, Brig. Gen. Henry Jervey; 2

Dec. 15, Maj. Charles H. Smith.; 3


Dec. 15, Maj. Charles H. Smith. ;3

Apr. 4, Maj. Richard R. Pickering;

Sept. 12, Lt. Col. Richard R. Pickering;

Sept. 13, Maj. Ralph S. Kimball;

Dec. 12, Lt. Col. Richard R. Pickering.


Dec. 12, Lt. Col. Richard R. Pickering.
May 12, Maj. Gen. Robert Alexander through June 20.

1) CMH - WWI

2) Camp Mills is an interesting camp, its is unlike other camps built for W.W. I.. Some of its early camp commanders are actually division commanders. The early base commanders are from the 42nd and 41st Divisions. Later commanders are more typical of base commanders whose assignment is the daily operation of the camp.

3)Major Charles H. Smith is by far the most interesting in terms of the development of Camp Albert L. Mills. He was in short order promoted to Lt. Col.. This due to his excellent work. I hope to present more on him later.


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