Historic Hempstead Plains - Nassau County, Long Island

Camp Mills photos from the Al Burns Collection.

This was the Camp Mills Liberty Theater. It was created by the War Department to entertain the troops in their off-hours. Photo is dated April 1919 . 
 Camp Mills Tents - Mr Burns' comment on the back indicates it looked the same as Brest Fr. Photo dated July 1918.  
 Camp Mills - permanent construction baracks. Photo dated April 1919.  

Non Camp Mills photos from Mr. Burns collection.

Al Burns Cliif Boze John Carson Paul Gaumer
Herbert Stoutenberg - Camp Custer 1917 Richard Mc Walters - Camp Custer 1917 Al Burns Camp Custer 1917 Al's Family - undated Ca 1917
Camp Custer - FA supply train. Camp Custer - YMCA Hut 1269 - 1/20/1918


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