Historic Hempstead Plains - Nassau County, Long Island

Camp Mills - Meadow Street Canteen

"A good place to drop in."

The "Blue Tavern" was a popular spot for those who served at Camp Mills and Mitchel Field. Above are four of the nice pages from the Meadow street canteen's guest book. The guest book was saved from a fire and is preserved in the Long Island Studies Institute's collection. The period covered by the guest book is approximately June 1918 through 1919. Some of our more fortunate soldiers signed before going and signed the book again on returning home at the conclusion of the war. Both of the bottom drawings are from returning service men. V. Fitzgerald 1/7/1999.

While it is true that the Long Island Studies Institute currently preserves this book. The credit for the existence of the book goes to Esther Mc Donald. Her handiwork shows on the book title and her initials are in a part of the detailing. She had made some notations as to the sentimental and historical value of this book. We have her to thank for its creation and its initial preservation. It is a remarkable treasure.

The guest book is part of the Camp Mills collection at the Nassau County Museum and Hofstra University Long Island Studies Institute.


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