Historic Hempstead Plains - Nassau County Long Island

Camp Albert L. Mills 1917 - 1919 W.W.I
The birthplace of the 42nd Rainbow Division.

42nd Rainbow Division Veterans day Nov. 11th, 1997


The Rainbow division honors their own on Veterans day. These Soldiers serve out of Mc Arthur airport as part of the Airborne unit.

The CAmp Mills monument was dedicated on October 12th, 1941. The Monument was proposed by local Rainbow Veterans to the National Oganization. The National Organization supported the plan and the monument proposal was adopted and paid for by Rainbow Division Veterans Nationally.1

The dedication parade started at the 4th Regiment Armory in Hempstead and proceeded up Clinton Road to the Garden City staging area of the 1917 Rainbow Division.1

1.) Information provided by the Rainbow Veterans Organization, courtesy of Mr. Shurtleff and Mr. Fowler.

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