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Camp Mills - Remembrance.

W.W.II period - Camp Mills / Mitchel Field

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Subject: Question on Camp Mills L.I. During 1940's
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I lived at 264 Rhodes Ave. ,Hempstead, L.I. from 1940 to 1950. I was born in 1940 so my memories start at about four years old. I remember, across the street from our house, looking north that there was a large barb wire fenced enclosure during and after the war, with high wooden guard towers, and I thought at the time that there prisoners of war held there but I could be mistaken. You could see the people playing ball behind the high barb wire fence. I particularly remember one of those tall wooden guard towers burning down after the war! We kids called the area Camp Mills, and we played on the old foundations of the buildings, that were left after the facility was abandoned after the war. The picture on your web site of the US CCC appears like it is directly above our home site looking north as I think I remember that water tower. I also remember after the war watching planes land at Mitchel Field as our home was right under the landing path. I was wondering if you have anything you could add, or suggestions on that area. Thanks so much, John Chapter.

Reprinted with John Chapter's permission.
 ** Camp Mills was largely abandoned in 1919, it was fully abandoned in 1920. Sections of road work and foundations remained in place as late as 1948. John also indicated in his letter that his family's home was built with wood from the Camp Mills barracks. This was a common practice. Camp Mills may have disappeared but it still remains as part of many local homes from that period. - VF 2/8/2001


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