The Historic Hempstead Plains - Nassau County Long Island.

Camp Mills - Garden City Long Island

Harry C. Allbery, 41st Division, 164th Infantry, Sunset Division

War letter from Camp Mills1

This page in memory of Harry C. Allbery, who surrendered his life on our behalf, on July 19th, 1918. Mr. Allbery was in the 26 Th. Infantry of the 1st Division at the time of his death.

Harry and his unit prior to his being killed in action, in 1918. Harry is marked with an X over his head.

Harry and friends prior to induction into the service. Harry is at the bottom right.

The above stationery is the same as the type used in Ted Blake's Camp Mills letters.

1) Courtesy of the kind contribution of Lee Allbery , Harry C. Allbery's nephew (.Lee Allbery ) Questions concerning this material and its use should be directed to Lee Allbery.


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