Historic Hempstead Plains - Nassau County, Long Island

Hazelhurst Field - 1916 - 1919*

Hazelhurst Field, N. Y. was a temporary flying field under lease, located on the Hempstead Plains at Mineola, Long Island.The field was also known as aviation Field No. 1 and included included Field No. 2, later known as Mitchel Field. The field was named in honor of 2d Lt. Leighton W. Hazelhurst, Jr., 17th Inf., who was killed in an aviation accident, June 11,1912. Established, June 1916 on property previously used by New York National Guard as an aviation field. Flying started June 1916 with capacity of 50 students from junior officers of the line detailed to Aviation Section, Signal Corps. Served as training field until July 9, 1918, when placed under jurisdiction of Operations Section, Department of Military Aeronautics. Additional construction began July 26, 1917. From June 7, 1918 to Feb. ‘7, 1919, referred to as Headquarters First Provisional Wing or Headquarters First Reserve Wing. Headquarters 1st Provisional Wing: The Wing controlled all flying fields on Long Island ; its principal function, aside from the defense of New York City, was the training of squadrons as units for oversea duty and development of team work in advanced flying. Used as reception center for Air Service recruits. Flying ‘School. Supply Depot."1
1) U. S. Army Center of Military History - The U.S. Army in World War I.

2) Photos from the Nassau County Museum Collection #8447 colorized and #3877

*) The name may have changed to Roosevelt Field prior to its abandonment in 1919. I need to do a little more research.



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