Historic Hempstead Plains - Nassau County, Long Island

LIRR Float Right of Way - abandoned.

The float rail passes north of the Hunters Point station. Also, visible are the Circus train staff living quarters. Is it too late to join? The view is looking east from the Hunters Point overpass. The circus equipment is sitting on the salt pond. The rail is between the salt pond and dirt hill. 
Looking West from the Hunters Point overpass.
1st overpass west of HP station. This overpass is where I took the float ROW picture (circus staff quarters) is 21st avenue. 
At 48th and 11th the rail is approximately 1/4 mile west of Sunnyside yard.
At 48th and 9th the rail tunnel begins. This tunnel is closed off by a huge pile of earth. The visible rail runs straight under the pile.It is
another 1/4 mile to the float gantries.


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