Historic Hempstead Plains - Nassau County, Long Island

The Central Line - Roosevelt Raceway service.

Raceway service spur - view is towards the south and the Roosevelt Field Freight office. The foundry stamp on portions of the rail reads ' OH B.S.CO STEELTON" with dates of 1936 and 1945. This was reclaimed track and does not indicate the year the track was laid down. Roosevelt Raceway spur - the view is north to the Meadowbrook overpass.. Some portions of this rail are foundry stamped with the year of 1936 and 1917. The 1917 rail is also labeled as 100 lb. Again, this is reclaimed track, this track was laid down in the mid to late 50s.

The spur has crossed the Meadowbrook pkwy and is now headed east. This view is towards the west. This is the matching opposite view towards the east.
You can see the tracks underneath the road.

A view of the rail leading to the trestle. A view of the rail heading north over the trestle.


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