Historic Hempstead Plains - Nassau County, Long Island

Path of the Central line from Eisenhower Park to Bethpage

11/16/99 - The above trace was corrected to have the LIMP descend back to Universe Drive before reaching Bloomingdale Road.

This map shows the path of the LIMP and Central Line rail as it would be if it existed today. I do not have enough data to complete the LIMP part yet. But I expect to shortly. It returns back to the Central Line and continues east to Bethpage, where it turns north before heading east again. 01/03/1999 V. Fitzgerald

As of 1/16/99, I followed the LIMP to Carpenter lane and possibly Farmedge lane. I believe it turns south around this area. However, I can not find the approximate path. Therefore, I did not finish the tracing of the path. V. Fitzgerald

01/28/1999 - The information below is exactly what I needed to close out this page. It conforms with, and adds to what I know about the LIMP in this area. My thanks to Mr Ivers, he has saved me several hours work. His excellent description of the remainder of the LIMP path in this area follows below:

"The LIMP took a path south from where your marker ends (Carpenter) and it did
not intersect or cross Farmedge Road, but followed a path near Universe Drive
heading eastward across a bridge over Wantagh Avenue where the 8th Precinct
Nassau County Police station is located. It continued east through the police
station property, parallel with the power lines (formerly LILCO and the RR
right of way). The LIMP then crossed Hicksville Road (Route 107) where the
driveway exits from the police station. There was a tollhouse right there on
the west side of Route 107, on the north side of the police station driveway.
The LIMP bridge took it over 107, where it continued east through Bethpage
(you may find remnants of it in this area) and just east of Broadway, Bethpage
it made a sharp turn north, crossing Central Avenue via another overpass
before heading northeast through Bethpage State Park. At Round Swamp Road,
there was another tollhouse just south of Bethpage Road, on the west side,
about where the present day firehouse stands. It crossed Round Swamp via
another overpass (bridge) and then headed into what is today the Old Bethpage
Restoration Village,where there still exists a LIMP bridge dated 1910."

Tim Ivers 01/27/1999

The underlying map is a U.S. G.S. 1984 Nassau county map. The scale of the overlaying map is slightly under the scale of the bottom map. The top overlaying map would need to be stretched slightly in all cardinal directions. It is sufficent to see approximately where the LIMP returned to the Central ROW area. When it returned it did not overlay the Central ROW but ran along side of it. I have finished the trace to the Bethpage area based on the above data. VF 02/27/99

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