Historic Hempstead Plains - Mitchel Field

Home of the Original Continental Air Command.1

1969 photo of CONAC Headquarters building -The building was constructed by the U.S. Army Quartermaster Corps in 1929..2

Mitchel Field was the original home of the Continental Air Command (CONAC). CONAC was established on 1 December 1948. Mitchel Field was the home of CONAC headquarters and remained so until April 1961. In 1961, Mitchel Field was deactivated and CONAC HQ was moved to Robins AFB GA where it remained until CONAC deactivated on 1 August 1968 and was replaced by the Air Force Reserve. At the outset, the Continental Air Command had jurisdiction over the Tactical Air Command and Air Defense Command and focused on tactical aviation, air defense, and the Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve programs. In 1950, the Tactical Air Command became an independent organization. The Air Defense Command became an independent organization, in 1951. Beginning in February 1951, CONAC concentrated on administering the two reserve programs. The Air Defense Command Headquarters was activated at Mitchel Field on Mar 27, 1946 under Lt. Gen George E. Stratemeyer. Lt. Gen Stratemeyer became the first commanding officer of CONAC.

1.) Source: - Dr. Kenneth C. Kan and Dr. Charles O'Connell of the Directorate of Historical Services, Headquarters Air Force Reserve Command, 155 2nd Street, Robins Air Force Base, Georgia. www.afres.af.mil/hq/ho/history/chron/chron.htm

2.) Photo - V. Fitzgerald C1969 - Building 102. At the time of the photo, this building housed the administrative function of Nassau Community College. Date of construction from the corner stone of building 102