Historic Hempstead Plains - Nassau County, Long Island

Mitchel Field - Operations Building.

This was the base operations building. The dark line on the roof was a flight control area. In Mitchels early days this canopied flight contol area was centrally located. After the expansion of the base and the runway system (late 30's) that was no longer the case. A new tower was constructed near the concrete rail ramp. The operations building also housed the weather service .The weather operation was on the first floor. This building was used a library for Nassau Community College. It is presently designated as the College Union building. My thanks to Nassau Community College for granting access to take the interior pictures.

Looking back to the Bay windows on the south side. Looking East on the first floor.
Looking West on the first floor. Basement hall looking East.
Stair way to the first floor or roof. Unfortunately there was no access to the attic. Looking east from the bay window area.


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