Historic Hempstead Plains - Nassau County, Long Island

Mitchel Field - Photo labs.


This is a view of the photo processing building. It is at the northwest corner of Davis and Hospital road. This view is from the rear and western side. This building also provided confinement space for the prison.

The building has been opened up, I had hoped it was for refurbishing. The bins in the foreground are most likely from its Nassau County archive days.

The se are for air and light during the destruction of the building. Below is a picture taken through the hole in the window.

This is a composite shot, it shows the Uniondale Fire Department holding a simulation of a fire in a building. This building and the people who worked there saved lives in W.W. II, it is now fitting that this building in it's final days again serves its community. I don't like its being destroyed, you would think it could be put to use and preserved.

It was an eerie feeling to look down the center hall way from a hundred feet away, seeing yellow fluorescent bands wafting back and forth in the dark with search lights sweeping the floor dragging a body (unhurt) to safety. Impressive.
This building was used by Nassau County for archive purposes. I believe the paper on the wall indicates the date of the material filed in that room. The dates interestingly enough, precede the existence of Mitchel Field. These pictures were taken through the holes poked in the bricked up windows. They were taken before the simulated fire.
I am really not happy with the destruction of this building. I don't know what the master plan is, but it had better be something terrific. The money spent on destroying could probably be better spent elsewhere or not spent at all. Another piece of W.W. II history bites the dust.


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