Historic Hempstead Plains - Nassau County Long Island

Mitchel Field / Aviation Field No. 2 - District Heating

Early Mitchel / Aviation field No. 2, used a district heating methodology. The distribution of heat was accomplished with the use of American District Steam Company products. Evidence of the steam companies identity can be found in present day(1998) Mitchel Field The following information about American District Steam company comes from M. A. Pierce. American District Steam Co. began life, in 1877, as a creation of Birdsill Holly, an American inventor in Lockport, New York. It was formed as the Holly Steam Combination Company with a group of Lockport businessmen. Holly sold his rights. The business was shortly thereafter (1882), renamed the American District Steam Company.1

District heating is still the preferred method at Mitchel Field today. The present District Heating is run by Trigen-Nassau. The plant on Lindbergh Boulevard supplies energy to Nassau Community College, the Nassau County Coliseum, the Nassau County Correctional facility, the Nassau County Medical Center, and the Nassau County Park facilities. It also generates surplus electricity for sale to LIPA The present day system is currently being extended to supply the new museums at Mitchel Field..2

District Heating:

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