Historic Hempstead Plains - Nassau County, Long Island

T142 - woodframe WWII vintage building.

This a 1999 picture of T142. This building is from the WWII period. This building lists as a store house. It was used as a workshop by the SE35 Restoration group. It was used until it became unsafe to use as a workshop. It was on Davis Avenue north of the CAV office.
Interior view - the picture was snapped though a hole in the door. Sadly, at least for me, T142 is collapsing from the snow of March 15th,1999. Another one of the few temporary wood frame buildings will be gone shortly. This means there is only one left for certain, the Nassau Community College audio/visual building on the north end of Hospital road. A possible candidate is on the north side of Front street in the Santini section. The picture was taken 48 hours before the snow.V. Fitzgerald 3/21/99.
By July 2nd, 1999, T142 would be stripped of its shingles. I had hoped this meant preservation. The shingles were asbestos shingles. Their removal apparently was solely an asbestos containment issue. T142 was bulldozed by July 10th. This was the oldest woodframe building on Mitchel. A symbol of the war years need for capacity and Americas quick and frugal response. Reminiscent of the early beginings of Aviation field no 2 and the temporary construction of Camp Mills to the west. I guess it was not worth preserving. It is now a pile of ruble.


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