Historic Hempstead Plains - Nassau County New York

Mitchel Field - receiving WWII War Wounded

Nassau County Museum Long Island Studies Institute - Photo #6327 - World War II wounded being received.

Mitchel Field was also a center for treatment of wounded in WWII. There were three hospitals on the base. The Hospital in the Camp Mills Sub Base was a surgical hospital. This hospital was known as Old Cantonment. The hospital on the original base was primarily for treatment of female patients and administrative functions. The Santini sub base hospital was for treatment of neurological wounds, overseas returnees and convalescent care. The primary base Hospital building still exists on the appropriately named road, Hospital Road.2

Please also see the Santini Hospital story written by Katherine Kennedy McIntyre. This nice lady served at Mitchel Field in the W.W. II period.

1) Photo #6327 - Nassau County Museum Long Island Studies Institute.

2) Mitchel Field handbook, Long Island Studies Institute.


AIR FORCE MEDICS - Medical Research Laboratory at Mitchel Field.


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