Historic Hempstead Plains - Nassau County, Long Island

Commander of the W.W.I Port of Embarkation at Hoboken

Major General David Carey Shanks

Major General David Carey Shanks accomplishments

  • Hoboken Port of Embarkation Commander - moved 1,700,000 men over seas to serve in W.W.I. He was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal by President Wilson.
  • Veteran of the Spanish American War - he served four tours of duty in the Philippines.
  • Military Governor of the Cavita Philippines district.
  • Inspector General of the U.S. Army in the Philippines
  • Authored two books, one on the "Management of the American Soldier and the other was " As they passed through the Port"
  • Graduate of West Point
  • Graduate of Roanoke College, Roanoke Virginia
  • Commander of the 1st Corps after the 1920 Army reorganization.
  • After retirement in 1925 volunteered to assist the American Federation for the Blind.
The Port of Embarkation commander was Major General David Shanks. He was transferred back to the U.S. from his post in the Philippines to head up this effort and in the final analysis did a brilliant job of it. He also wanted to be part of the "real" war effort and was finally successful in mustering enough political muscle to get himself assigned to command a division to go over. He briefly assumed command of the 16th Division when the armistice was about to be signed .One month later he was back in action as the commander of the Port of Embarkation. He was the only person who could successfully handle the monstrous 24X7 efforts. He served where he was needed most and did so in an outstanding way. Throughout his 2 and a half years of service at the port of embarkation, he was involved with all four staging Camps for the Port.

DOB 4/6/1861

DOD 4/10/1940

The good General is buried in Arlington National Cemetery.


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