Historic Hempstead Plains - Nassau County, Long Island

Mineola's 1907 overpass and the LIRR

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The 1907 Mineola boulevarde overpass was deteriorating. It needed to be rebuilt. This need coupled with the need to eliminate the Herricks boulevard grade crossing, coupled with congestion on the LIRR mainline; Led to the creation of a flyby rail to be included to the project. This meant that the south wall of the Mineola overpass would now be in the way. It made sense to rebuild the overpass entirely and move the south wall back approximately 30 ft. This would allow the creation of a fly by rail. The construction of retaining walls and an additional elevated track section are now in the process of being constructed at the Herricks crossing. This requires an eventual set back of the south side Mineola platform to make way for the fly by rail. It also means that Nassau tower is in the way. Nassau tower is from the turn of the century. 11/14/98 V. Fitz

Nassau Tower - October 1998. Its future is uncertain. However there are moves a foot to preserve it, The tower is still an operating tower. In December of 1998, I took some shots of the LIRR's new equipment and animated the pictures.
The old overpass is still in operation, as of October 1998. The new overpass is to the left of the 1907 overpass. A cement truck is pouring a road bed on the new overpass. I drove over that 1907 overpass three times to the Winthrop University Hospital (Nassau Hospital) for the delivery of my three children. It served the community well for 82 years.
By November 1998, the traffic would be rerouted on to the new overpass. The 1907 overpass would be in the process of being torn down.
The south side of the Herricks grade elimination showing the new south track addition. The view is towards the west.

See the fly by rail from the mainline.

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