HISTORIC HEMPSTEAD PLAINs - Nassau County Long Island
 MITCHEL Field 1938

1938 AERIAL VIEW (looking east) - Nassau County Museum - Long Island Studies Institute

This view is looking east at Mitchel.

The railroad avenue rail line extended south of the line of hangars.
LIRR Steam engine 35 is currently being rebuilt on it (1997) just
north of the rail cars in the photo. It currently ends at the 
southern end of the line of hangars. In the photo, freight cars can be 
observed on the rail. If you observe the area west of the quadrangle, 
you will see that the wood frame barracks are noticeably absent.  
When I attended Nassau Community College in the late 60's early 70's.
These wood frame buildings were still in use as classrooms and labs.
They were constructed during the the W.W.II build up.
Only one wood frame building is left (T154). See the Mitchel Field building index.
T142 (wood frame) finally succumbed to old age and neglect in July 1999.
The hangars east of the two larger hangars were extended during WW2 preparation.
These hangars in the area now are set back about 20 ft from Davis Avenue, Davis 
Avenue is north of the hangars, it is the road running to the east in the photo.

The control tower still standing in 1968 is not seen, so it was of a later 

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