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The Long Island Motor Parkway


The Vanderbilt Motor Parkway

Garden City, Long Island - Seventh Street. - The relocated Motor Parkway Toll house is now the home of the Garden City Chamber of Commerce.
The Motor parkway was created in 1908. It was created to support motor racing and also as a toll road. My interest first began with the portion of the motor parkway that crossed south over the mainline LIRR. It crossed the LIRR approximately 700 feet west of Glen Cove road in Carle Place. The trestle still existed as of the early 1980's. Somewhere in the 1980's it was removed. This part of the road traveled south and gave Roosevelt Field the graceful curve on its southwest corner. This part of the parkway crossed Clinton Road by an overpass. To the east of this overpass was a Motor parkway toll house. This Toll house still exists it was relocated to preserve it. It now stands in Garden City proper at Seventh Street. From the southwest corner of Roosevelt Field it headed east past Mitchel field. It traveled on the north side of Stewart avenue, approximately 400 ft north. Basically, over the Meadow brook parkway in that area. In the 1932 panoramic photo of Mitchel Field, the road that would eventually be called Endo boulevard ran north and crossed the Motor parkway by an overpass. The Motor Parkway continued east through the Park and after Newbridge avenue it swung north into a Grandstand area. Parts of this area still exist and are marked. The Motor Parkway was abandoned to Nassau County in 1938. VF 1998

This is the official marker in Levittown. It would appear that Levitt could not obtain the parkway land to build on it. Or, he may have decided it was not worth his effort. Thankfully, a piece of it is now preserved in Levittown. The land belongs to Nassau County. Racing was short lived due to overzealous spectators.

There are still sections of the old Motor Parkway in use. See the Abbey and Anderson sites, they are excellent and very interesting. The Berliner site has old photos, a map and some nice remembrances of the Motor Parkway. The Berliner site also gives locations in the event you would like to see it for yourself.


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