Historic Hempstead Plains - Nassau County, Long Island

North Eastern part of the remaining southwest - northeast runway.

This part of the runway was opened in July 1998 for the Goodwill games. It was used for bus loading to transport people to the games. This section of runway was added in the years just before Mitchel Fields deactiviation (late 1950's). Timing is everything. The south west end of this runway is for the most part intact and serves as parking for the University. The center section has been reused. This section is used for police training. On some saturdays you can see the Nassau County Police helicopters practicing touch and go landings. It is normally blocked off from access. My stitching leaves something to be desired. Vf 1/24/1999.

This extended runway ran across the old service road so it required its own access road. Looking towards the entrance of the access road from the runway.

This road hooked around to the west and the hangar line. Runway entrance is on the left. You are looking from the center of the turn.

This was taken from the other end of the runway, now a parking lot.. It is hard to see but the TRIGEN tower is down the middle of the road between the trees. There was plenty of runway behind me when I took this shot from the Hofstra lot.


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