Historic Hempstead Plains - Nassau County, Long Island

The second Roosevelt raceway. 1956 - 1988.

The first Roosevelt Raceway was a motor raceway. The second raceway was south of the first and was for horse racing. The advent of off track betting was its downfall1. This is the grandstand of the second Roosevelt Raceway. These pictures are full size, right click to view.

The demolition of the Grandstand began late last year. Some of it still remains as of 1/15/2000. It will be gone very soon. The picture above was taken earlier in the year.

1) There are alternative views on its demise.

This sign will now lead you to a shopping center and not a raceway.

Little house on the prairie. This is a remaining raceway building. It was used by raceway workers. Hopefully, it will be spared and preserved. (I should have known better than to hope for that. It is now gone.1/15/2000) I have been informed that this building was the raceways post office. Unfortunately, that person's email address does not seem to work.

Central Line - Roosevelt Raceway -rail service pictures (current day remnants).


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