Historic Hempstead Plains - Nassau County, Long Island

Area of the convergence of the LIMP and Central Line ROW

This picture is a western view of Salisbury Park Drive from Carman Avenue in East Meadow. Prior to the resource recovery plants appearance, you could see the outline of the Empire State Building on the horizon when backlit in the evening (up till the mid 1970s).

This road is a paved over Long Island Motor Parkway. This view looks back towards the curved area where Stewart Avenue(Westbury) intersects Salisbury Park Drive. The LIMP left Eisenhower Park (present name) just north of the curve.

This reuse caused an anomaly in the front yards of the homes abutting the drive As seen here in the photo to the right. It would appear that the developer left room for a road that in the end was provided by a reclaimed LIMP. Certainly any developer would have added this space to the yard and charged more, if he could have. This area is approximately 25 feet wide. The view is looking east towards Carman avenue..

This is the area where the LIMP and the Central Line established colinear boundaries. The power lines overhead (see below) are on the Central Line ROW. This view is looking westerly towards Carman Ave. The LIMP turned and crossed Old Westbury Road here. The LIMP the headed towards Newbridge Avenue and Wantagh Parkway. The LIMP ran along Old Westbury Road to the left in the photo.
Looking East towards the Wantagh Parkway overpass. This overpass was an LIMP overpass. It was rebuilt. LIMP overpasses were much smaller than the present overpass. From here it crossed the parkway and entered Levittown and then swung north in to the Grand Stand area. The overpass is the white streak just left of the middle of the photo. These power lines are on the Central lines ROW. This ROW travels straight to Bethpage. Where the remaining (eastern) portion of the Central line rail still exists, it is part of the mainline crossover to Babylon.

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