Historic Hempstead Plains - Nassau County New York

Air field No. 2 (Mitchel Field) received its name on July 16, 1918, in honor of John Purroy Mitchel. From then on, it was known as Mitchel field. I had wondered who was this person, that he would deserve to have an airfield named after him. In the end, I 've come to believe that those who gave Aviation Field No. 2 the name Mitchel Field had chosen wisely. John Purroy Mitchel was known as the boy Mayor of New York. At age 35, he was the youngest Mayor of New York City. Mitchel was the Mayor from 1914 to 1917. He did an excellent job, but was not re-elected. It seems that in his zeal he stepped on some major toes. He set the model for other Mayors after him. He was a good manager and the city and its administration prospered under his guidance. John Purroy Mitchel, would now serve in defense of his country. He entered the Signal Corps Army Air service to do so. He died 13 days short of his 39th birthday, in Louisiana, in a training accident, on July 6th, 1918. A sad end to a life of public service. Take the link below to find out more about this remarkable individual. V. Fitzgerald 10/23/1998

Mayors of New York City.

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