Historic Hempstead Plains - Nassau County, Long Island

LIRR Long Island City float operation.

These are the remains of the LIRR Long Island City float operation. It is now a state park called Gantry park. This float operation will never resume operation. The rail leading to this site has been buried and cut. The new apartment building sits over the rail tunnel. The line thats feed this runs between 48th and 49th.
Camp Mills, Mitchel field, and Hazelhurst were supported by this float operation. Long Island City treated the soldiers very well. It is captured in their writings. A tremendous amount of history has passed through here. It is fitting that it has been turned into a state park. The rail in this section has a foundry date of 1942. This line is much older than that. The Bay Ridge float operation also supported these camps.

Since I was here, I have to add a picture of the Pennsylvania railroad electric generation plant. At ground level it is built like a fortress. I added a few shots of the power plant. Also, if you like that, you will like the" THE HUDSON & MANHATTAN
of Jersey City site. It has great interior and exterior shots of the Jersey City plant and information about its interesting history.


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