Historic Hempstead Plains - Nassau County, Long Island

T144 and Steam Engine 35.

 On August 5th, 2000, I was fortunate enough to be able to pay a visit to the Steam Engine 35 rebuilding site. There I met Steve Torborg. Steve is the President of Friends of Locomotive #35 Inc. This is the group responsible for restoring old #35 at Mitchel Field. Steve was kind enough to spare some time out of his busy schedule. These pictures of T144 are courtesy of the Steam Engine 35 group.

This was actually my second tour of the site. They are a great group of dedicated people. If you would like to
volunteer, join or help out in any way possible, they would be glad to have your help. Best of all, prior railroading or rebuilding experience is not required but is a plus. You can stop by almost any Saturday, Steve will be glad to speak to you.

T144 and
T142 list as storage facilities in the official building lists. T144 became the headquarters for the SE35 Restoration group for a while at Mitchel Field. T142 was used a work shop by the staff of the SE35 rebuild group. Both T144 and T142 are now gone. And now for the T144 pictures.

This is an interior shot of T144 prior to it's being reconstructed by the SE35 people. They had to fixed the building prior to using it as their HQ.

 Side swiped by a bulldozer.

An inside view of the reconstruction of T144.

Rebuilding whatever it takes to make their goal, an operable SE35.


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