HISTORIC HEMPSTEAD Plains - Nassau County Long Island
 MITCHEL FIELD 1968 - deactivated in 1961

1968 AERIAL VIEW (looking west) - Nassau County Museum - Long Island Studies Institute
This aerial photo looks toward the west. In the top right corner you can make out a still existing Motor Parkway overpass over the LIRR mainline. It was removed in the last few years (1997). If you notice Hempstead turnpike south of Mitchel, you can see it being renovated to a divided highway (3 lanes each side). The south side of the divided highway covers the original road way. The Nassau Coliseum was undergoing construction. The part of Mitchel air base south of Hempstead turnpike was called Santini base. It was used to treat the wounded in WW2. Hofstra University is at the southwest corner of Mitchel field. Some of the land given up by the government was restricted to educational use. The use of the land has gone from airfield and military air base, to educational use for two colleges, sports complexes, and commercial use. Mitchel Field continues to have a military presence to this day (1998).

In 1968 you could still see the flight control tower, it was in very bad shape.

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