Historic Hempstead Plains - Nassau County, Long Island

Recent additions to the Hempstead Plains pages.

03/30/2001 - added a page on Major General David C. Shanks, Port of Embarkation Commander. Embarkation camps in the New York area reported to him. Also added to the Mitchel Field remembrance section.
03/30/2001 - added pictures to 2nd Tow Squadron page.
03/17/2001 - updated the
page on the 2nd Tow Target Squadron.
03/13/2001 - added a transcription of a Camp Mills Debarkation letter.
03/10/2001 - added a
page on the 2nd Tow Target Squadron.
02/19/2001 - Added "Ye Old Sump" to the Mitchel Field remembrance page.
02/15/2001 - updated Mitchel Field POW Camp page.
02/08/2001 - added a WWII era remembrance of the Camp Mills area.
01/01/2001 - added a picture of General Mann and staff at Camp Mills (1917) Also added interior pictures of building 102.
12/27/2000 - added
a link for Base Hospital 48's passing through Camp Mills. Also added a listing of Divisions and Units moving through Camp Mills.
12/22/2000 - Added Heavy Metal at Mitchel Field.
10/29/2000 - added listing of Camp Mills base commanders. Also added Discover LI Bike Tour.
10/21/2000 - added a link for AIRFORCE MEDICINE - it s/h mentioned Hazelhurst too. Also added Links on the Hempstead Plains.
10/09/2000 - added a view of Building 101 (SouthHall) from Paul Martin's collection.
10/07/2000 - Added Building 104 "V" interior shots.
10/01/2000 - updated the operations building page.
9/30?2000 - updated the southeast perimeter road page.
9/30/2000 - added interior shots of Bradley Hall the former Bachelor Officers Quarters at Mitchel Field.
9/29/2000 - added a composite WNW view of the Mitchel Field Quadrangle.
9/29/2000 - added interior shots of the former Officers Club (taken (9/27/2000)
9/28/2000 - Added "Mitchel Field Baby Boom" courtesy of Joyce S. Martin
9/25/2000 - added Paul Martin's Circa 1973 black and white photos plus Santini remnants
9/23/2000 - added Prairie restoration also South East perimeter road.
9/12/2000 - Added Circa 1973 views of the hangar line courtesy of Paul Martin.
9/08/2000 - Added two Mitchel Field Booklets, courtesy of Dave Seidel. Mr. Seidel served at Mitchel Field in the late fifties.

9/07/2000 - updated "Boom Town" page with Paul Martin's picture from circa 1973.
9/04/2000 - added Hangar 3 renovation shots and some additional CAV lobby pictures. And the best of all is Paul Martin's NCO Quarters photo of 25 plus years ago. <=They are incredible.
8/23/2000 - T78 Circa 1950's - Transient Airmen's Quarters.
8/22/2000 - Mid 1950's Mitchel Field Units.
8/18/2000 - added a description of the CCC Camp on the Hempstead Plains at Mitchel Field (1935 Mills area)
8/13/2000 - Added a page with inside views of the Cradle of Aviation Museum.

8/10/2000 - added a page on Hazelhurst Airfield.
8/06/2000 - added a link for the NY 15th in the Camp Mills portion. Also updated Camp Mills links. Also added 41st Division information.
8/05/2000 - added T144 with the help of Steve Torborg of the Steam Engine 35 rebuild committee. Also updated the building index.
7/29/2000 - added a picture of a lower grade airmen's club at Mitchel Field.
Also added Spirit of St. Louis Tour link, James doolittle and F/A18 crash links. Also added a remembrance from Ed Zimmerman to the Mitchel Field remembrance page.
7/28/2000 - added a link to Gertrude Smith's scrapbook. Gertrude was a nurse at Camp Mills as well as other W.W.I bases.
7/14/2000 - added a Mitchel Field map (1958) courtesy of Dave Seidel, check the guestbook.
7/12/2000 - Added a link that lists African American troops at Camp Mills.
7/12/2000 - Added a link to Harry Truman's Debarkation letter from Camp Mills
7/09/2000 - added a link to Ralph Cooper's excellent Early Bird Flyers Site
7/01/2000 - added a
Hoboken Port of Embarkation page (I/P) see the Camp Merritt link.
6/22/2000 - Added a Transcription of a PIO document defending Mitchel Field's importance.
6/03/2000 - Added a link to biographies of officers serving at Mitchel Field.

5/27/2000 - added a partial 1955 time line for Mitchel Field.
5/12/2000 - added some night shots of Mitchel Field
5/7/2000 _ added 1968 view of area west of the quadrangle, updated the Bldg. index.
5/7/2000 - Added Thanksgiving for the Mitchel field Medical station
4/30/2000 - Added Photos of the Plains in Spring.

3/21/2000 - Added Nassau County Museum Catalog images of Mitchel Fields earlier days.
3/19/2000 - Added building 35, 26, and 50 to the building index.
3/18/2000 - Updating the Building index with additional description.
3/18/2000 - Modified the Fire House, prison house and main hospital pages.
2/26/2000 - updated the Santini page and added a 90 degree view from Front Street
2/25/2000 - updated the Mitchel Field POW/ Guard house page.
2/24/2000 - Added Katherine Kennedy McIntyre's description of life at Santini Hospital.
2/22/2000 - Added a remembrance of VJ day at Mitchel from author Katherine Kennedy McIntyre.

2/02/2000 - Added a link to W.W.II service page for F. G. Thomas (sub base 4).

1/30/2000 - Added an Aerial view of the grandstand stretch.
1/23/2000 - Added a Mitchel Field remembrances page.

1/09/2000 - Added W.W.II Mitchel Field Aircraft Warning Service and a CMH WAC link
1/02/2000 - Updated the
1915 train station page. and the LIRR1905 LIC electric plant page
1/01/2000 - Added 1928 photo of Mitchel Field (Aviation Field No. 2).
12/29/1999 - Added Photo of Ted Blake's Seattle home courtesy of Lee Allbery.
12/28/1999 - Added 5th Observation Squadron Photo from 1935.

12/27/1999 - Added Nassau County 100th Anniversary Parade photos.
11/15/1999 - Added Levittown LIMP detailing from Jerusalem Avenue to Bloomingdale Avenue.
11/11/1999 - Added Camp Mills photos from the personal collection of Al Burns.

11/07/1999 - LIMP updated the page on the Grandstand Stretch of the parkway.
10/03/1999 - Updated the building index, with photo lab pictures and fire house picture.
10/02/1999 - Added War Dept. Theater page and Boom Town area picture.
9/30/1999 - modified the Plains link to expand it.
9/11/1999 - added a Camp Mills -photo of tents along a company street.
- added Southwest corner building. to the building index.
- added animated view of LIRR's new equipment.
8/29/1999 - added Jersey City power plant to the LIRR float page & 1905 electric plant.
8/27/1999 - added link to diary of Benjamin Cruzan under the Camp Mills section.
7/25/1999 - added - picture of a small building whose function is not known.

7/10/1999 - added - pictures of T142s demise, changed status on the building index.
5/26/1999 - added - pictures of the 1969 hangar 5 and 1969 T152 to building index.
5/25/1999 - added - pictures of the main line Mineola flyby rail
5/23/1999 - added wood frame building T154 to the building index.
5/22/1999 - guest book repaired by my friend at www.emnet.com who kindly hosts these pages.
4/11/1999 - added animated GIF of the Cradle of Aviation Theater.
3/31/1999 - added
LIC float operation photos from Gantry State Park
3/28/1999 - added link Pvt. David Woods - Battery D 122 FA - 33rd Division
3/27/1999 - added Mitchel Field building index.
3/22/1999 - added Circus train on the Central Rail pictures.
3/22/1999 - Updated Mitchel pictures and Raceway spur pictures.

3/21/1999 - added Mitchel Field - 90 degree view from North to East.
3/20/1999 - updated Raceway rail remnants page with foundry year stamp data.
3/15/1999 - updated Camp Mills - 304th F.A. text.
3/13/1999 - updated Mitchel Field District heating.
3/08/1999 - updated Mitchel Field POW info.
3/08/1999 - updated Santini sub base info.
3/06/1999 - added
Mitchel Fields radio room photo courtesy of Mr. Nadel.
2/28/1999 - added CENTRAL RAIL "New Equipment" plus added text links.
2/27/1999 - updated LIMP / CENTRAL RAIL path to Bethpage
2/25/1999 - added new Camp Mills photos.
2/25/1999 - added two pictures to Meadow Street Tavern.
2/23/1999 - added photos to district steam heating.
2/23/1999 - added building 102 - corner stone photo.
2/17/1999 - added photos of Roosevelt Raceway -
rail service remnants.
2/15/1999 - added 1st Aero Squadron link (ANG history site)
2/15/1999 - added some pictures on the remains of the second Roosevelt Raceway.
2/14/1999 - added a page on the LIPA lines from Mitchel to Bethpage.
2/13/1999 - Added picture of
T142 W.W.II - wood frame building.
2/11/1999 - pictures of Mitchel Field's Air Force Reserve band
2/09/1999 - added current runway pictures of the
main NE runway.
2/04/1999 - updated the
Mitchel Field links panel
1/30/1999 - added Santini area pictures
Santini present day1 present day2, present day3. present day4
1/16/1999 - added LIMP - Salisbury Park drive info
1/16/1999 - added LIRR Time tables - courtesy of Robert Andersen.